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Enabling Digital Access

By donating your used computers to Computer Repair Lab, you can help bridge this gap by providing technology that would otherwise be out of reach for these families. All donations will be refurbished and then distributed directly to those in need, with assistance from other local youth-focused organizations

Reduce E-Waste

The price per performance is a much better deal if you refurbish a computer versus buying new this allows us to build more usable computers to give to the community versus buying new lower performance budget computers. Any computer donations that cannot be repaired, within reason, will be properly recycled to help create a more sustainable future.

Education Empowerment

By empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to repair and upgrade their own devices, we hope to foster a culture of self-reliance and sustainability in technology use. This approach not only benefits individuals, but also contributes to a healthier environment and a more equitable society.

Our Process

Receive Unwanted Computers

We start by asking the Community for Donations of Working or Broken computers.

Repair, Refurbish, and Upgrade

CRL can then Repair, Refurbish, and Upgrade the systems to meet recommended requirements.

Computers for the Community

We work with Community Partners to help identify students that would be most impacted by this program.

Future Vision

As part of our long-term roadmap, we are excited to be planning the opening of a facility that will be open to the public to teach device repair. This facility will be a physical space where people can come to learn about the ins and outs of repairing and upgrading their devices.

The facility will be equipped with the latest tools and equipment, making it a state-of-the-art repair and upgrade center. Our highly trained and experienced instructors will teach hands-on classes and workshops, providing participants with the practical skills and knowledge needed to repair their own devices.

Our goal with this facility is to provide a space where people can learn in a collaborative and supportive environment. We want to build a community of learners who are passionate about technology and sustainability, and who are committed to making a positive impact on the world.

In addition to the classes and workshops, we plan to offer other services at the facility, such as device repair and upgrades, recycling and disposal services, and a retail store for repair and upgrade parts and accessories. This will enable people to access the resources they need to keep their devices running smoothly, while also promoting a more sustainable approach to technology use.

Overall, we believe that this facility will be a game-changer for device repair education and sustainability. We look forward to opening our doors to the public and empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to repair and upgrade their own devices.

Mission Statement

Computer Repair Lab Inc is dedicated to the sustainable use of technology, enabling digital access, and providing education to empower people.

Current Stats:

We have over 100 computers donated ready to be cleaned and upgraded with an SSD. As soon as this is done we have families ready in queue to receive them immediately.

On average it costs $70 to fully upgrade and repair a computer to our standards, which exceeds Volusia County School’s minimum system requirements.

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How To Get Involved

Donate Computers​

Many people have old or unused computers lying around that could be put to good use by those in need. We accept donations of both desktop and laptop computers, as well as peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, and mice. Once we receive your donation, we will wipe the hard drive to ensure that all personal data has been removed, and then refurbish the computer so that it can be used by someone in need. Donating computers is a great way to help reduce e-waste and provide access to technology for those who might not otherwise be able to afford it.​


Sponsor Repairs​

By sponsoring the repair of a donated computer, you can help us refurbish it and return it to the community in working condition. The price per performance is a much better deal if you refurbish a computer versus buying new. This allows us to build more usable computers to give to the community, as opposed to buying new, lower performance budget computers. By refurbishing computers, we are able to create more powerful and updated systems, extend the life of these devices and make them available to those in need.​

Become a Lab Partner​

Get involved with Computer Repair Lab by becoming a lab partner through recurring donations. As a lab partner, your donations will help us to purchase parts required to repair these computers. Additionally, as a lab partner, you will receive special recognition on our website and can help us provide sustainable technology access and education to people in need.​

Join Our Mailing List

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Computer Repair Lab is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization EIN 92-2091941. All donations to Computer Repair Lab are tax deductible and go directly towards the mission of providing access to technology for those in need. We also partner with other non-profits to help extend our reach throughout the local community. Our state disclosures can be found on this page. To check out our corporate registration and financial information click here.

Computer Repair Lab accepts a wide range of computers for donation, including desktop systems, laptops, and even tablets. Donors can submit equipment ranging from older models to the latest upgrades or releases. If the device is older than 2009 or not fixable we will still accept it and properly RECYCLE it. We can not refurbish broken TABLETS, APPLE, or GOOGLE devices. If donated, these items will be RECYCLED.

We are happy to accept the following items if they currently work: computer cords, mice, keyboards, and desktop monitors.

Donating your used computers to Computer Repair Lab is easy. Go to our Drop-Off and Pick-Up page to view our current Drop-Off locations or fill out this form to schedule a Bulk Pick-Up. Every act of generosity has a ripple effect that can positively impact our local communities. By donating your used computers to Computer Repair Lab, you will be contributing to a better world. Thank you in advance for your help!

Once your computer is donated to Computer Repair Lab, we wipe the hard drive and recycle the drive since all computers receive new Solid State Drives. We then evaluate it and determine if it can be refurbished. If the device is able to be refurbished, it will undergo a thorough cleaning process, followed by installation of a new operating system. Necessary repairs or upgrades are also completed during this step. Once the computer has been repaired and upgraded, it will be tested to ensure that is functioning properly. If the computer passes our quality control standards, it will be donated directly to those in need. Computers that are not able to be refurbished will be recycled responsibly through our certified recycling partner.

If you would like to sponsor a repair through Computer Repair Lab, please click this link for a one-time donation or if you want to make a monthly impact click here and become a Lab Partner. By sponsoring a repair or donating funds towards the purchase of parts, you can have a direct impact on those who need access to technology the most. Thank you in advance for your support!

Computer Repair Lab takes strong measures to ensure the security and privacy of all donated computers. All hard drives are completely dismantled and physically destroyed for maximum security.

The time it takes to refurbish a donated computer depends on the condition of the hardware and the parts needed. On average, it takes between 1-2 hours and sometimes weeks for our technicians to completely repair and upgrade a donated computer. This includes sourcing any necessary parts, troubleshooting hardware issues, installing a fresh operating system, data wiping hard drives securely, and conducting quality control tests. Help us fulfill our goal of refurbishing and donating 100 computers for 2023!

Becoming a Lab Partner with Computer Repair Lab is easy! Simply click here to be taken to the monthly subscription page through Stripe. This will allow you to make a monthly donation that directly impacts our mission of providing access to technology for those in need. This donation can be paused at any time.

When we receive a computer, our first step is to evaluate the hardware in order to determine if it can be refurbished. If so, we will begin the repair process. This includes cleaning the device, replacing nonfunctioning parts (most commonly a new SSD and ram), and then installing a fresh operating system. Once the computer is repaired and upgraded, it undergoes thorough quality control testing before being donated to those in need. Computers that are not able to be refurbished are recycled responsibly through our certified recycling partner.

The computers that we refurbish and donate to students are Windows based laptops and computers. Some of the models include Dell Latitude, HP EliteBook, Lenovo ThinkPad, and more. Due to the limited availability of replacement parts for Apple products such as Macbooks/iMacs or tablets, these devices cannot be refurbished by our technicians. However, we do accept these types of donations and will send them to our certified recycling partner.

We work with local community organizations to identify students in need of a computer. Students who are in the most need, such as those experiencing financial hardship and do not have a computer, receive priority.

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